• HOPS is a three-year project focused on the deployment of advanced ICT 'voice-enabled front-end public platforms' in Europe permitting access for European citizens to their nearest Public Administration.

    The main objective is to address the mass-scale deployment of new online public services support and accessible by voice channels (basically phone, both fixed and mobile), the most accessible a communication means used by European Citizens. This will only be possible by the addition of new fully functional advanced technologies enabling to deliver automated services without losing a quality and even more enhancing the current functionalities even more.

    In this respect, the project is based on the integration of voice technologies (ASR, Automatic Speech Recognition - TTS, Text to Speech) with Natural Language Process technologies, complemented by Public Administration sector-specific implementation of Semantic Web Technologies.

    The overall approach follows a systemic structure, aimed to produce fully functional prototypes, which will be tested and validated by the three Local Authorities involved in the project. As a natural extension, the overall architecture will also be able to support additional non-voice channels, having access to the Natural Language Processing and Semantic Web dimensions.

    The proposal aims to be funded within the Sixth Framework Programme's 'Networked businesses an governments' thematic priority (point in the work programme) and 'Semantic-enabled system and services' (point in the work programme).

    The proposal is based on previous experiences and partial implementations as executed by the partners involved, and intends to cross-fertilize this already gathered experience by the use of be practices sharing mechanisms suited to deliver and transfer knowledge on the strategic, technical an organisational issues related to the development of advanced online voice-based oublie services.

Main Researchers

Other Researchers

  • Meritxell González Bermudez
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