• Collaborative Annotation of multi-MOdal, Multi-Lingual and multi-mEdia documents aims at developing a first prototype of collaborative annotation framework on 3M data, in which the manual annotation will be done remotely on many sites, while the final annotation will be localized on the main site. Furthermore, with the same principle, some systems devoted to automatic processing of the modalities (speech, vision) present in the multimedia data will help the transcription, by producing automatic annotations. These automatic annotations are done remotely in each expertise point, which will be then combined locally to produce a meaningful help to the annotators. In order to develop this new annotation concept, we will test it on a practical case study: the problem of person annotation (who is speaking?, who is seen?) in video, which needs collaboration of high level automatic systems dealing with different media (video, speech, audio tracks, OCR, ...). The quality of the annotated data will be evaluated through the task of person retrieval.

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