From research to a successful start-up: a business model

Diego Bartolomé


B3 Building-1st floor-Teleensenayament Campus Nord - UPC

Wed Apr 10, 2013



You work in research, and you love what you do. One day, you realize that what you have been working on for a couple of years is hitting the market fast. Very good news! So you'd like to set up a start-up to be the next big thing, but you don't know how to start. Others do and create great companies. So you let the opportunity fade away ... The purpose of this session is to change this situation, and give participants some tools to help them transition from smart researchers to successful business owners. The contents will be the following:

1. Introduction: why you should think about starting your own business.
2. Business model canvas: analyze any business with 9 powerful building blocks.
3. The lean start-up model: how to create a great company with little money.
4. The elevator pitch: how to communicate your business idea.

After the theoretical foundations, the participants will be divided into groups that will work on the practical implementation. The goal is to generate at least one successful start-up idea and business model from the session.


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