Course proposed by: Marta Ruiz Costa-jussà

Our world is currently in an era of globalization, which implies increasing interaction and the intertwining of different language communities. Machine translation technology is one of the core components of efficient multilingual information environment and should be seen as a strategic issue in the framework of the modern multilingual community. Nowadays, statistical machine translation (SMT) is one of the most popular paradigms of MT. The aim of the course is to teach students the background, theory and implementation behind SMT systems. The course covers aspects of SMT technology from formal description to implementation. It is divided into three parts: theoretical background of SMT; introduction to the main SMT software; and SMT industry perspectives, along with open-source and commercial products.


April 8th: from 12 to 16

April 10th: from 10 to 14

April 12th: from 10 to 14

April 15th: from 10 to 14

April 19th: from 10 to 14



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