Spoken Language Interaction in Telecommunication COST 278 Year: 2002-2005

Preparatory action for the project: Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation" (TC-STAR_P).
IST-2001-37376.  Year 2002-2003. IP and Project Coordinator Asuncion Moreno

COST Action 276 Information and Knowledge Management for Integrated Media Communication Year 2000- 2003

Speech Driven Interfaces for Costumer Applications (SPEECON) IST 1999-10003 Año 2000-2002 Subcontratados por la empresa Siemens. IP Asuncion Moreno

Interface: Multimodal Analysis/Synthesis System for Human Interaction to Virtual and Augmented Environments IST-1999-10036. Year: 2000-2002. IP Asuncion Moreno

Evaluation of Multilingual Spoken Language Resources and Tools. Bilateral Cooperation bilateral with Maribor University , Eslovenia. Years: 2000-2002. Ministerio de asuntos exteriores. IP Asuncion Moreno

SpeechDat Car Speech databases for voice driven teleservices and control in automotive environments. Telematics Program. LE4-8334. Years: 1998-2000. IP Asuncion Moreno

Speech Databases for the creation of voice driven teleservices - SPEECHDAT(II). LRE 4002 Years: 1996-1998. IP Asuncion Moreno

Aquilex I II 1992-1995

HANDY: Design and development for manufacturing of a pocket ergonomic data keyboard for handicap people use. CEE CRAFT BAST-CT95-5016. Years: 1996-1998. IP Francesc Vallverdú

VIDAS: Video assisted with audio coding and representation. CEE ACTS ACOS 7 Years: 1995-1997 - Asunción Moreno

Speech & Hearing representations: SPHERE .TRM No ERB4061PL95 Years 1993-1997. IP Asunción Moreno

From circulation to perception: representations in speech and hearing Years 1993-1997. IP J. A. Rodríguez Fonollosa

Speech Databases for the creation of voice driven teleservices SPEECHDAT (M). LRE Project No 63314 Years:1994-1995. IP Asuncion Moreno

From Articulation to Perception. E.C. Human Capital and Mobility ERB-CHRX-CT93-0098. Years: 1994-1996.

Speech Technology Assessment in Multilingual Applications. ESPRIT 92 nº 6819 SAM-A Associated Partner. Years: 1992-1993. IP Asuncion Moreno

Acción integrada Hispano-Francesa titulada "Tratamiento de imagen y voz: Interface hombre - máquina, aplicaciones biomédicas y teledetección", realizado conjuntamente con la E.N.S. Telecomunicaciones de Bretagne. Acción 172 A. Año 1991.

Acción integrada Hispano-Francesa titulada "Técnicas paramétricas de análisis espectral e interespectral en una y dos dimensiones", realizado conjuntamente con el Centre d'Etude des Phénomènes Aléatoires et Géophysiques de Grenoble. Años 1985, 1986 y 1987.

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