25/07/2017 - Pranava Swaroop Madhyastha PhD dissertation






Date: July 25, 2017, time: 11:00 h


 Room  Sala de Juntes. Building  B6. Campus Nord. UPC





Exploiting Word Embeddings For

Modelling Bilexical Relations







Dr. Xavier Carreras and Dr. Ariadna Quattoni


Tutoria:  Lluís Padró

TALP Talk: Generative adversarial networks (GAN) applied to Speech Enhancement

Generative adversarial networks (GAN) are a type of artificial intelligence algorithms used in unsupervised machine learning, implemented by a system of two neural networks competing against each other in a zero-sum game framework. They were first introduced by Ian Goodfellow et al. in 2014. [Wikipedia]

Next Wednesday, Santi Pascual will present his work on GAN applied to Speech Enhancement.
Wed.  May 17th, at 11.15.
Room D5-007 (UPC, Campus Nord)

SEGAN: Speech Enhancement Generative Adversarial Network

Current speech enhancement techniques operate on the spectral domain and/or exploit some higher-level feature. The majority of them tackle a limited number of noise conditions and rely on first-order statistics. To circumvent these issues, deep networks are being increasingly used, thanks to their ability to learn complex functions from large example sets. In this work, we propose the use of generative adversarial networks for speech enhancement. In contrast to current techniques, we operate at the waveform level, training the model end-to-end, and incorporate 28 speakers and 40 different noise conditions into the same model, such that model parameters are shared across them. We evaluate the proposed model using an independent, unseen test set with two speakers and 20 alternative noise conditions. The enhanced samples confirm the viability of the proposed model, and both objective and subjective evaluations confirm the effectiveness of it. With that, we open the exploration of generative architectures for speech enhancement, which may progressively incorporate further speech-centric design choices to improve their performance.


Here are some samples: http://veu.talp.cat/segan/

20/07/2016 - Anna Raboshchuck PhD Dissertation

  Automatic analysis of the acoustic environment of a preterm infant in a neonatal intensive care unit

Anna Raboshchuck

Seminar Room, D5-007

Wed July 20, 2016


  Climent Nadeu


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