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 The TALP is member of several networks and associations:

  • ELSNET (European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies);
  • META-NET(Euopean Network of Excellence in Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance) contribuyendo desde METANET4U;
  • SIMILAR (European Network of Excellence “The European taskforce creating human-machine interfaces SIMILAR to human-human communication);
  • PASCAL II (European Network of Excellence "Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning");
  • RTH (Red Española de Tecnologías del Habla);
  • TIMM (Red Española Temática de Investigación Multilingual y Multimodal);
  • COST-2101 (Biometrics for Identity Documents and Smart Cards);
  • COST 2102 (Cross-modal analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication);
  • EAMT (European Association for Machine Translation);
  • ELRA (European Language Resource Association);