Demos and presentations (sense links)


  • Online Patent Translation
  • Treeler - an open-source c++ library of structure prediction methods, focusing on NLP tasks like tagging and parsing.
  • Sibyl - QA engine for spoken documents.

  • Fescat - Festival parla català
  • AEDL - Acoustic event detection and localization in multimodal room

  • ALICE - Integration of several state-of-the-art technologies related to spoken language and natural language processing used in Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning (ICALL) systems

  • Asiya - An Open Toolkit for Automatic Machine Translation (Meta-)Evaluation

  • AVIVAVOZ - Voice translation technologies:  recognition, statistical machine translation based on corpus and synthesis.

  • Bidirectional machine translator between Spanish and Catalan: piece of program Àgora (March 2009) in Flash format

  • DIGUI - Flexible DIalogues Guiding the User Interaction for accesing web services

  • Freeling - Open source suite of Language Analyzers.

  • LCsum - Lexical Chain based summarizer

  • Machine Translation interface that combines several on-line MT systems to enable translation to/from any available language.

  • N-II - Statistical machine translator between Spanish and Catalan

  • Ogmios - Text-to-Speech system

  • Spanish and Catalan WordNets: knowledge bases following the EuroWordNet framework and structured in the same way as the American wordnet for English (Princeton WordNet) in terms of synsets (sets of synonymous words) with basic semantic relations between them.

  • Speech adaptation demostration in speech synthesis

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